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Plant Thickened Drawstring Bag Freeze Protection Covers

Plant Thickened Drawstring Bag Freeze Protection Covers

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Protect your beloved plants from harsh winter conditions with our Plant Thickened Drawstring Bag Freeze Protection Covers. These heavy-duty plant covers are designed to safeguard your garden's delicate foliage from freezing temperatures, frost, and cold winds, ensuring your plants thrive throughout the cold season. Give your garden the care it deserves with these essential freeze protection covers.


VERSATILE USE: Suitable for a wide range of plants, including flowers, shrubs, and vegetables. Protect your entire garden effortlessly with these versatile covers. Meanwhile, in addition to protection from the cold, our cold covers provide protection from wind and insects, as well as protection from poultry or birds.

THICKENED MATERIAL: Our plant protection covers are made from high-quality, thickened material that acts as a reliable shield against frost and cold. Keep your plants cozy and protected, even in the harshest weather conditions.

DRAWSTRING DESIGN: The built-in drawstring allows you to secure the covers snugly around your plants, providing a customized fit and preventing drafts from reaching your precious garden.

BREATHABLE FABRIC: These covers are designed to be breathable, allowing essential air circulation while still providing insulation. Your plants can breathe freely while remaining protected.

EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: The drawstring design makes installation and removal a breeze. No need for complex setup or additional tools.


Type: Plant Thickened Drawstring Bag Freeze Protection Covers

Material: Polypropylene + Anti-Purple Agent

Dimensions: 80*60CM/ 100*80CM/ 120*180CM

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